[Openswan Users] Help request for IPSec/L2TP starting daemon

Mauro Femminella mfemm at tiscali.it
Thu Sep 18 13:22:36 EDT 2008

Dear Paul,

thanks for your reply.

My network is a bit particular. The Lab where I am doing my thesis is 
equipped with a block of public IP addresses, which is a.b.c.0/24. The 
Openswan server is not the GW of the LAN, which is not my control, but 
it is simply a PC with one network interface with a public IP address, 
which is a.b.c.34.
I have been required that this PC (a.b.c.34) will implement Openswan 
server and the L2TP daemon, and will assign to roadwarriors one of the 
following IP addresses on the LAN Lab, which have been assigned to my 
project (a.b.c.51 and a.b.c.52). The local IP (a.b.c.56) is the IP 
address of the "virtual" interface which should assign to roadwarriors 
one of these two public IP addresses.

I hope to have been clear. What do you suggest?

Thanks and best regards.

Paul Wouters ha scritto:
> On Wed, 17 Sep 2008, mfemm at tiscali.it wrote:
>> l2tpd.conf
>> ip 
>> range = a.b.c.51 - a.b.c.52
>> local ip =
> This is wrong. your local ip is the ip on your local LAN, eg the a.b.c.something
> address. The public ip goes into listen-addr =
>> localhost l2tpd[7736]: l2tpd version 0.69 started on attila PID:7736 
> I also recommend xl2tpd over l2tpd.
> Paul

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