[Openswan Users] What would cause ipsec auto --up {tunnelname} to hang?

Greg Scott GregScott at InfraSupportEtc.com
Mon May 26 15:18:16 EDT 2008

> The other end might not be responding anymore

I was thinking maybe something like that could be going on.  Both ends
run the same script, so if the right side is trying to bring up a tunnel
that the left side doesn't know about yet, this could be a problem.  But
running by hand, I never saw any hangs, just error returns.  

> Perhaps your script needs a lock file?

I don't know what this means but the concept seems promising - maybe
some kind of a lock on the right side when the tunnel from the left side
comes up or goes down?  Is there a way to actually do this?  The other
idea I can think of behind a lock is, make sure exactly one and only one
copy of the script is running and I already go to quite a bit of trouble
to make sure of that.  I learned a lot about awk in the process.  

- Greg

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