[Openswan Users] What would cause ipsec auto --up {tunnelname} to hang?

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon May 26 10:43:07 EDT 2008

On Mon, 26 May 2008, Greg Scott wrote:

> This all works - except that after a couple of passes, I see my script
> seems to be hung running
> ipsec auto --up

The other end might not be responding anymore

You can either use ipsec whack to do things directly, or you can try
playing with the timeouts/retransmit values for whack using:


The default for the latter is 20s, 40s, 60s [release whack] so if your script
runs every minute then if the conn will not come back up, you will
be gathering multiple invocations. Perhaps your script needs a lock file? :)


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