[Openswan Users] Problems with xL2tp/ppp with openswan on vista

James james at nttmcl.com
Mon May 5 14:53:06 EDT 2008

Hi guys,

to touch on this subject again also.
My user informs me he is usually disconnected during a large file 
transmission or when he's using most of the pipe for something.
I have heard the issues of MTU problems and originally set my MTU to 
1200 to compensate for any problems with that but his connection was 
completely unstable and had the most problems with a low MTU
I had recently set the MTU to 1400 and he says his connection is more 
stable but he's still having problems.

i thought the results of that was a bit backwards but i'm not that much 
of an expert in the field so someone can tell me otherwise.
Are there any other issues besides the vista rekeying problem maybe?


Jacco de Leeuw wrote:
> James wrote:
>> 1. He gets disconnected after about 60 mins.
> I think this is the Vista rekey bug that Paul Wouters mentioned a while
> ago. 64-bit OS or IPv6 is probably not a factor, although I'm not so
> sure about NAT.
>> 3. He has to reboot his laptop to reconnect
> Hm, that's a bit drastic. What if you just restart the "Remote Access
> Connection Manager" (located in "Settings" -> "Control Panel" ->
> "Administrative Tools" -> "Services"), or run as Administrator
> in a Command prompt:
> net stop  "Remote Access Connection Manager"
> net start "Remote Access Connection Manager"
> Jacco

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