[Openswan Users] RES: RES: L2TP IPSEC and Windows XP

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Thu Mar 6 17:34:04 EST 2008

André Mendes - WAITS wrote:

> I noticed other thing... I tested the VPN in 3 different connections, each
> one with a different network, using the same laptop with the Windows XP. The
> result was:
> Network 1 - 200.xxx.xxx.xxx - VPN works fine
> Network 2 - 201.xxx.xxx.xxx - VPN fails
> Network 3 - 189.xxx.xxx.xxx - VPN fails
> I used tcpdump to look the traffic and I noticed that Openswan Server answer
> the first connection, but after same time it stop to answer the requests
> from client.

Sorry, I don't understand. Are trying to connect with three laptops
simultaneously using the same client certificate? "VPN fails" is not
clear enough.

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