[Openswan Users] RES: RES: L2TP IPSEC and Windows XP

André Mendes - WAITS amendes at waits.com.br
Thu Mar 6 16:03:56 EST 2008


I noticed other thing... I tested the VPN in 3 different connections, each
one with a different network, using the same laptop with the Windows XP. The
result was:

Network 1 - 200.xxx.xxx.xxx - VPN works fine
Network 2 - 201.xxx.xxx.xxx - VPN fails
Network 3 - 189.xxx.xxx.xxx - VPN fails

I used tcpdump to look the traffic and I noticed that Openswan Server answer
the first connection, but after same time it stop to answer the requests
from client.

So weird... Any tip?



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André Mendes - WAITS wrote:

> in one of machines that has Windows Vista I couldn't established the
> Feb 29 17:58:56 TEXVPNPROXY pluto[1537]: "roadwarrior-l2tp"[26]
> #67: received Delete SA(0x8b2f2a27) payload: deleting IPSEC
> State #68

It is the Windows client that disconnects. You have to check the error code
on the Windows box.

It could be an PPP authentication problem. In that case you have to look
at the pppd logs.

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