[Openswan Users] netkey to klips error: EXPECTATION FAILED

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Mon Jun 9 23:19:06 EDT 2008

> pluto[2610]: "Manchester2RAS" #1737: EXPECTATION FAILED
> at /src/openswan-2.5.17/programs/pluto/kernel.c:2581:
> kernel_ops->eroute_idle != NULL
> As it says, we are running openswan 2.5.17 on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.

Please switch to 2.6.14. We are no longer going to maintain the 2.5.17
line. 2.6.14 is also what is shipped with RHEL 5.2

> I found very little information googling for this error other than a
> recently closed bug report in openswan 2.6.  What's causing it and how
> do I fix it in openswan 2.5.17? Thanks - John

kernel_netlink.c has a bunch of stubs for the kernel_ops functions in
netkey, where before they used the same codepath as klips (sometimes with
wrong assumtions such as klips doing group delete, but netkey not doing


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