[Openswan Users] using different versions of KLIPS and Pluto on same machine

hiren joshi joshihirenn at gmail.com
Thu Jun 5 06:58:48 EDT 2008

Is it safe to use different versions of nat-t patch, KLIPS and pluto on the
same box?

Currently I am using openswan-2.4.8 with linux-2.6.16.
Now I am migrating to linux-2.6.23.

For that, I wan to use -
NAT-T: openswan-2.4.x.kernel-2.6.23-natt.patch (becuase my kernel is 2.6.23)
KLIPS:  openswan-2.4.12.tar.gz (because its nearest one to openswan-2.6.8
with which I can build ipsec.ko against linux-2.6.23)
pluto:   openswan-2.4.8 (because currently I am not ready for migration to
openswan-2.4.12 or higher)

Thanks for your time.

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