[Openswan Users] RES: RES: RES: Openswan using Radius server forauthentication

Giovani Moda giovani at mrinformatica.com.br
Mon Jun 2 17:12:21 EDT 2008

>Please note that I'm running Fedora 6. I installed 'radiuslient-ng' 
>package because Fedora doesn't have 'radiusclient' package. And then I
created radiusclient directory and copied there    >all the files from
'radiusclient-ng' directory. File permissions stay the same.

Remove (vpn server)                          [removed]

>From your servers, since there's no radius server running on that box.
Also try changing

auth_order      radius,local to
auth_order      radius

In radiusclient.conf. Don't worry abou login.radius, it's not used.
About clients.conf, my bad, it should be /etc/raddb/clients.conf, and it
only exists on your radius server. Post that one too, please. I also
notice something, it *may* have nothing to do with it, but in my
options.xl2tp the radius.so line contains the full path to radius.so
(/usr/lib/pppd/2.4.4/radius.so). Maybe it's important for fedora, maybe
not, it's just how I do it.

You're using NETKEY right? I use KLIPS, so our config may deffer a bit.
Giovani Moda

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