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Jon Blackie jblackie at teleco.ca
Wed Jul 16 12:54:48 EDT 2008

I use a similar arrangement to provide connectivity for my laptops to
the office from home. Since I can be on one of several PCs I just use
openswan and some appropriate firewall rules. My suggestion as far as
DNS is concerned would be to look into dnsmasq. I have added an entry
into the dnsmasq config to resolve pcs on my work domain by using the
DNS server in the office across the VPN. I don't have ssh available or I
would show you an example.

My laptops are assigned my DNS server at home via DHCP. When they
resolve server01.example01.local through dnsmasq the request is
forwarded by dnsmasq to the name server at the office. As long as your
Iphone is using full domain names it should work fine.

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I work at home and use a VPN in to the office to do work. The work VPN
is a proprietary package, so my iPhone can't use it. My idea is to have
one of my computers at home connected to the work VPN act as an openswan
VPN that my iPhone can connect to. This would entail setting up the VPN
and routing packets from the iPhone VPN to the work VPN network
interfaces. I have gotten to the point where the iPhone can connect to
servers at work, but there doesn't seem to be any way to specify the DNS
servers to use when the iPhone VPN is connected. Thus, I can't do much
cause I can't resolve any work intranet server names.

Has anyone attempted such a setup on an iPhone/iPod touch, or any client
computer for that matter, where an openswan VPN is used to tunnel
through an unsupported proprietary VPN?

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