[Openswan Users] Transmitting data between endpoints

Peter McGill petermcgill at goco.net
Thu Jan 31 15:08:23 EST 2008

Add the following to your conns... (New method)
	leftsourceip=<local lan ip>
	rightsourceip=<remote lan ip>

Or add additional conns without leftsubnet and rightsubnet,
or leftsubnet=left and rightsubnet=right. (Old method)

Peter McGill

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> I've gotten a few ipsec tunnels set up between linux machines.  They
> work great for routing packets between networks but not between the
> gateway endpoints.
> A  <------> E1 <-------> E2 <---------> B
> A can talk to B but E1 and E2 cannot talk to each other.  In one case
> I'm trying to set up l2tp but without the endpoints being 
> about to talk
> to each other they can't send the l2 packets over the tunnel.
> All machines are running openswan.  E1 is kernel-2.6.17 with
> openswan-2.4.6 and E2 is kernel-2.6.20 with openswan-2.4.4.
> Thanks for any help,
> Rob
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