[Openswan Users] Transmitting data between endpoints

Rob Emanuele rje at shoreis.com
Thu Jan 31 13:30:13 EST 2008

I've gotten a few ipsec tunnels set up between linux machines.  They
work great for routing packets between networks but not between the
gateway endpoints.

A  <------> E1 <-------> E2 <---------> B

A can talk to B but E1 and E2 cannot talk to each other.  In one case
I'm trying to set up l2tp but without the endpoints being about to talk
to each other they can't send the l2 packets over the tunnel.

All machines are running openswan.  E1 is kernel-2.6.17 with
openswan-2.4.6 and E2 is kernel-2.6.20 with openswan-2.4.4.

Thanks for any help,


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