[Openswan Users] Can not start pluto correctly~

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Sun Feb 24 12:22:23 EST 2008

On Mon, 25 Feb 2008, mlin17 wrote:

Freeswan has been retired for years now. Use openswan instead.
No one is going to support running freeswan unless paid dearly, and even
then they might not.

Any modern Windows, OSX, machines will not work with freeswan. Same applies
to modern C compilers.


> Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 0:12:46 +0800
> From: mlin17 <mlin17 at qq.com>
> To: users <users at openswan.org>
> Subject: [Openswan Users] Can not start pluto correctly~
> From now on , I know uclinux may not run script correctly?(disvantage of mash)
>   I have compiled the freeswan into my uclinux-system . when I  start ipsec manually as follows:
>   tncfg --attach --virtual ipsec0 --physical eth0
>   ifconfig ipsec0
>   pluto &
>   some imformation as follows:
>   an  1 01:33:11 Pluto[106]: Starting Pluto (FreeS/WAN Version )
>  Jan  1 01:33:11 Pluto[106]:   including X.509 patch (Version 0.9.13)
>  Jan  1 01:33:11 Pluto[106]:   including NAT-Traversal patch (Version 0.3) [disab
>  led]
>  Jan  1 01:33:11 Pluto[106]: ike_alg_register_enc: Activating OAKLEY_AES_CBC: Ok
>  (ret=0)
>  Jan  1 01:33:11 Pluto[106]: Changing to directory '/etc/config'
>  But pluto stop here and not continue going....who know why?
>  Are there any files I have not copied into /etc/config???

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