[Openswan Users] Can not start pluto correctly~

mlin17 mlin17 at qq.com
Sun Feb 24 11:12:46 EST 2008

From now on , I know uclinux may not run script correctly?(disvantage of mash)
  I have compiled the freeswan into my uclinux-system . when I  start ipsec manually as follows:
  tncfg --attach --virtual ipsec0 --physical eth0
  ifconfig ipsec0
  pluto &
  some imformation as follows:
  an  1 01:33:11 Pluto[106]: Starting Pluto (FreeS/WAN Version )
 Jan  1 01:33:11 Pluto[106]:   including X.509 patch (Version 0.9.13)
 Jan  1 01:33:11 Pluto[106]:   including NAT-Traversal patch (Version 0.3) [disab
 Jan  1 01:33:11 Pluto[106]: ike_alg_register_enc: Activating OAKLEY_AES_CBC: Ok
 Jan  1 01:33:11 Pluto[106]: Changing to directory '/etc/config'
 But pluto stop here and not continue going....who know why?
 Are there any files I have not copied into /etc/config???
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