[Openswan Users] Can openswan act as a vpn client

Peter McGill petermcgill at goco.net
Wed Sep 26 10:06:42 EDT 2007

Short Answer: Yes
To Openswan "client" and "server" are somewhat subjective.
In IPSec both sides work the same way, the only significant difference being who starts the tunnel?
If both have static ip's then either can start the tunnel.
If one has a dynamic ip, then it must start the tunnel (client), and the static ip must respond (server).
Both sides can be configured to allow traffic from the local lan to use the tunnel.
The configuration varies depending on what you want to do.
Are both computers directly connected to the internet or is one or both behind an internet gateway?
Do you want the "client" to be able to tunnel just to the "server"?
Or do you want the "client" to be able to tunnel to the "server"s lan also?
Do you want the "client"s lan to be able to tunnel to the "server" and the "server"s lan also?
Peter McGill


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Hi there
I need to build a VPN tunnel mode between two linux machines.
                       tunnel mode
linux client -------------- linux server (using openswan) ----- Internet
Server side using the openswan.
Can openswan act as a VPN client too?
Best regards.

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