[Openswan Users] Problem with multiple connection in l2tp/ipsec

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Tue Sep 25 08:59:19 EDT 2007

Dhaval wrote:

> I want to make multiple connection.

What do you mean? You want to support multiple L2TP/IPsec clients
connecting at the same time? From different IP addresses or from
behind the same NAT device?

> But when I add leftid and rightid in connection to ipsec.conf

Why? Leftid/rightid already default to left/right.

>         leftid=@
>         rightid=@

Remove these.

>         auto=start

Use auto=add if the client is a road warrior.

> Without leftid and rightid can I make multiple connection?

If clients are connecting from multiple fixed IP addresses
then create multiple connection sections in ipsec.conf.
If clients have dynamic IP addresses, use right=%any instead.
But then every client will have to use the same PSK. You may
want to switch to certificates instead.

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