[Openswan Users] Multiple clients on dynamic IP + server on static IP - how?

Jens Knoell jens at surefoot.com
Mon Mar 26 16:59:20 EDT 2007

Ok, I know this is a silly question but call me stupid - I've not been 
able to figure this one out in the last few years.

We've got a moderate setup with ~25 VPN connections:
- Linux server, kernel 2.4.x
  OpenSWAN 2.4.x
  Static IP
- Most client LAN's are hooked using D-Link 808HV / 804HV and 814VUP
  Static IP, authentication via PSK
- One Linux client (guess who), kernel 2.6.x
  OpenSWAN 2.4.x
  Dynamic IP, authentication via certificate

Now, I'd like to hook up a few employees who are on home DSL/Cable and 
as such have dynamic IPs. At the moment we use PPTP for that, which 
works. I'd like to use it as a learning exercise though. So I'm looking 
at using something like the D-Link 804HV or 814VUP or anything similarly 
cheap, because the employees will have to pay them out of their own 
pockets IF they want to telecommute.

But I can't for the life of me figure out how to get more than one 
dynamic IP successfully hooked into the IPsec VPN with PSK since even 
the cheapest IPsec routers out there seem to work ok with PSK. Rather 
than boring you with what didn't work I'd like to ask if anyone has any 
working server config?

Btw, nevermind the security implications of hooking a home PC into an 
office network - I'm aware of that and do already have that solved.

Thanks a lot in advance
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