[Openswan Users] Static IP Addresses for Clients

Brian T btuch at usa.net
Mon Mar 19 23:55:40 EDT 2007

Yes,  In your chap.secrets file, give an IP for the users login/password for L2TP 
authentication.  Example:

# client        server  secret                  IP addresses
bob        *       bob212          
george   *        pass123         

Thats the way I do it anyways.


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> Folks,
> Just got Openswan and L2TP working the other week and I must say,
> it's working darn well. The one question I had was whether or not I
> could set my clients to receive static ip addresses from the L2TP pool
> of addresses I specify. Not sure if that is even possible, but figured
> someone on this list might know.
> Thanks in advance.
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