[Openswan Users] Tunnel creation through GPRS Modem using PPP: Help

mohamed mydeen abmmydeen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 08:28:38 EST 2007

Hi Users,

I want to set up tunnel between two systems.

Out of these two systems one is my system which in my home which is
running Openswan and having GPRS Modem.

Now I want to access a PC which is connected to my office LAN which is
running Openswan(in Linux OS only). I can enter My office network
through fire wall so called Sonicwall.

The entire Scenario is:

System in my home
running Openswan
(2.4.10)in SuSE
Linux(10.1)        <--------->Airtel
Network<---------->Firewall(Sonicwall)     <-------->Then my office
Network<----------->Then another PC
connected with GPRS 					  in my office						    running Openswan-2.4.10
Modem(through SIM

The above is set up which I want to work with.

Actually I am dialling GPRS (moxa modem G21501) to Airtel network.
Then I get connection from Airtel.  Now I have to run my openswan in
my home.  Openswan has to catch the PC which is in my office through
the firewall which is also in my office in which Openswan-2.4.10 is

Is this setup possible?

I have tried this set up through Road Warrior Connection from openswan
docs. But It did not work with this set up.  Still I don't understand
the definition of Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) which I should
fill this in ipsec.conf for this set up, I suppose.

Kindly give your valuable suggestion in my doubts posed here.

Expecting your favourable replies...


Muhammad Muhyideen A

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