[Openswan Users] Cisco IP Redirect and L2TP

Lars Behrens lars at hfk-bremen.de
Sat Dec 8 07:13:15 EST 2007

hi, peter,

> While I was able to get Windows IPSec/L2TP roadwarrior clients working
> With our Openswan network, I have also since switched to OpenVPN  
> for our
> Windows roadwarrior clients and prefer it for that scenario.
> Sorry if this is blasphemous.

the world is neither perfect nor suitable for the big "one-size-fits- 
all"-solution (M$oft? $nix? Cisco?) ;-)

> I still use and love Openswan for our static office wan connections,
> but
> Find OpenVPN more suited to the single user roadwarrior client  
> scenario.
> Some reasons in particular that stand out:
> Using SSL it cares not about NATing between the hosts, and NATing is
> Very common in home and other LANs.
> It's much easier for the non-technical user to setup.

I totally agree to that.

> (I easily created an installer which does all the work for the end  
> user.)

that sounds nice! may there be a chance to get a copy of such an  
installer ... ?! ;-)

greetings (and maybe thanx in advance)

lars behrens

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