[Openswan Users] openswan 2.4.10 and kernel 2.6.22; missing klips patch - also change in status of the KLIPS patch in

John Lumby johnlumby at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 2 15:21:00 EST 2007

Paul Wouters wrote:

> Indeed. The patch is garbled and missing the most part. please try:
> export KERNELSRC=/your/linux/tree
> make kpatch
> then apply the resulting patch.
> Paul

Thanks - this also answered my earlier posting concerning the KLIPS patch in 2.4.10.

In my case, I found that after applying the patch, but before recompiling my kernel, I had to patch the patch as follows.
Based on comments I read in the source prologues, I think that the various blocks of
in several c fies in /net/ipsec
should all be unconditionalised, i.e. remove those macro lines, but I found it easier simply to turn the macro on always.


*** /usr/src/linux-    Sat Dec  1 12:57:01 2007
--- /usr/src/linux-    Sat Dec  1 19:42:50 2007
*** 30,35 ****
--- 30,40 ----
  #ifndef _IPSEC_PARAM_H_
  #ifdef __KERNEL__
+ #ifndef CONFIG_KLIPS_ALG   /*  jel I think this should be unconditional */
+ #define CONFIG_KLIPS_ALG   /*  jel I think this should be unconditional */
+ #endif                     /*  jel I think this should be unconditional */
  #include "ipsec_kversion.h"
  /* Set number of ipsecX virtual devices here. */


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