[Openswan Users] Windows Vista may NOT support Tunnel Mode VPN.

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Thu Apr 12 04:24:11 EDT 2007

mix wrote:

> "windows client" ---- "openswan server" ---- "Internet"
> Between windows client and openswan server, they are running ipsec 
> tunnel mode.
> It's work in windows XP but seems not work in windows vista.

I have not been able to enable tunnel mode with the built-in IPsec
client of Vista. There is no documentation. I don't think the
Linsys tool will work but I haven't tried.

There is a list of third-party IPsec clients for Vista, which
includes NCP: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929490/en-us

> I found some info from Internet below that demonstrated windows vista 
> not support tunnel mode IPSec.
> Can anyone confirm it? Is it true?
> *Rama Amaravadi : *Windows VPN server supports L2TP/IPSec tunnel. This 
> is different from IPSec tunnel. Windows server does not support this 
> currently for site-to-site VPN connections

This guy is referring to Windows Server 2003, not Vista. What he probably
means is that the configuration GUI supplied with Win2003 does not support
tunnel mode. They would rather upsell Microsoft ISA Server to you. But
Win2003 probably works with third-party tools such as from Linsys.

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