[Openswan Users] NEWBIE: How to set-up a L2TP/IPSEC server for linux

Denis Hawkins denis.hawkins at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 22:37:18 EDT 2006

Thanks again for your help so far Paul.

I am in the process of attemting to install open-swan on Suse 10.1
from your recommendations.

I am not quiet sure about how Linux behaves with two network cards. My
current network card setup is shown below.

1. Invidia card - on Motherboard set as Eth1 for inside (ethernet)
connected to switch 1
2. Realtak card - set as Eth0 for outside (ethernet) connected to switch 2

I am looking at doing throughput tests on the outside interface when
the VPN tunnel is created by a XP or Win2k client. I need to use pre
shared keys for this test.

There is no internet for my setup or router, I just want to test over
ethernet on the outside interface (xp client connect outside). So how
do I go about setting up the Network Interfaces for this to work with


- Denis

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