[Openswan Users] Newbie Joined Group for help

ram talk2ram at gmail.com
Fri Sep 15 13:39:56 EDT 2006


how can i make this option enable
since iam looking some guest to login  also
but as of now all are working with exchange keys


On 9/15/06, Peter McGill <petermcgill at goco.net> wrote:
> > ipsec verify
> > Opportunistic Encryption
> Support                                [DISABLED]
> > is this cause any problem or i can ignore and go further for testing
> This is fine, you probably don't need or want it on.
> If you want to connect to known computers either static or dynamic ips.
> Known, being you have exchanged PSK, public keys or certificates.
> Then you don't need this. Personally I turn it off.
> Opportunistic Encryption is a method where computers which do not
> know of each other and are strangers, may negotiate a secure connection.
> Note that this is only a very basic description.
> Peter McGill
> Software Developer / Network Administrator
> Gra Ham Energy Limited
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