[Openswan Users] VPN and routing question / problem

Bas Rijniersce bas at brijn.nu
Mon Sep 11 14:27:33 EDT 2006


I have a machine in India connected to a machine in Vancouver. They can talk 
to each other over the VPN without problems. The Vancouver machine has a 
second VPN that connects to a service provider with an AS/400. Users from 
Vancouver can reach the As/400 without problems. So in summary

[ Mumbai - ] ---------------------- [ Vancouver - ] ---------------------- [ AS/400 - ]

Mumbai can reach Vancouver
Vancouver can reach Mumbai
Vancouver can reach AS/400

Now how do I get Mumbai to reach AS/400.. I added a route to the machine in 
Mumbai to point traffic to the ipsec tunnel.
When I "tethereal -i ipsec0" I see the packets entering the tunnel, but they 
never appear on the other side.

Is it possible to route directly to the AS/400?
What could be wrong?

Thank you,

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