[Openswan Users] PSK & RSA

Lewis Shobbrook mylists at blue-matrix.org
Mon Sep 11 03:45:13 EDT 2006

Hi All,

Just wanted to clarify this following question.
Is it possible to use PSK  and RSA certs for separate conns on the same server 
at the same time?
I recall that it was not some years back, but could easily be wrong.

From 2005 I found the following...

> Does it mean that i can not use secret and rsasig on the same config file?
to which Paul replied...
Correct. You need two seperate conns, and proably you need to add leftid= and
rightid= to it so they can be distinguished in time.

Does this mean that I can use both PSK and RSA certs provided they are 
separate conns with different left & right id's?



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