[Openswan Users] Gradual fail of openswan, memory goes 300MB+

ted leslie tleslie at tcn.net
Sat Nov 11 15:55:23 EST 2006

I am running a openswan , with about 1000 x.509 certs in it,
it runs fine for about a week, 1000's of connections are brought up and
down on it.

The memory usage grows about 300-400 MB  (on a 756 MB machine),
at this time  (has gone as long as a month)
connections will start to halt,
yet new ones can come in  (sometimes) and some stay fine,
a reset always fixes.

the memory usage seems excessive, as it will only be a mere fraction of
that, even 1-2 hours after restart.

Anyone run into this? is it just as simple as putting in more memory?

I set up the box with a Flash drive, so there is NO Virtual Memory,
so i am wondering , even thou the machine isn't memory full at this
perhaps its fragmented and I am actually getting a out of memory issue
with a big chunk openswam might trying to acquire.

Wouldn't openswan show a outof memory error? or is that only under
advanced logging?

of course it might not be a memory issue at all,

perhaps i have a version that has this bug?

other then this, the openswan is working faultless


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