[Openswan Users] Openswan + OCF problem

Paul Wouters paul at xelerance.com
Thu Nov 9 22:39:38 EST 2006

On Thu, 9 Nov 2006, Sergio Carlucci wrote:

> I'm testing a VPN with HIFN + OCF + OPENSWAN
> Client1 ------------ Linux Gw1 ------------- Linux Gw2 ---------------
> Client2
> I have an HIFN card (7955) inside Linux Gw2 which is a PIV with 2
> Ethernet Nic and a Kernel 2.6.11 with OCF patch.
> I'm trying to use Openswan 2.4.5 with OCF patch, but the throughput and
> the cpu usage is the same as using Openswan without OCF patch;
> I think that Openswan is not working with HIFN and in fact in
> /proc/interrupts there are 0 interrupts for HIFN device.

Please use the openswan git tree for this. 2.4.5 does not support OCF, and the
patch you are using is probably very old (and not integrated by us).

Use openswan 3.0.x if you want to test the Hifn cards with OCF.

See further: http://lists.openswan.org/pipermail/dev/2006-November/001450.html


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