[Openswan Users] Openswan + OCF problem

Sergio Carlucci s.carlucci at itcity.it
Thu Nov 9 03:51:42 EST 2006

Hi Henry,

I'm testing a VPN with HIFN + OCF + OPENSWAN


Client1 ------------ Linux Gw1 ------------- Linux Gw2 ---------------


I have an HIFN card (7955) inside Linux Gw2 which is a PIV with 2
Ethernet Nic and a Kernel 2.6.11 with OCF patch.


I'm trying to use Openswan 2.4.5 with OCF patch, but the throughput and
the cpu usage is the same as using Openswan without OCF patch;

I think that Openswan is not working with HIFN and in fact in
/proc/interrupts there are 0 interrupts for HIFN device.


Have you solved your problem ?

Any suggestion would be very appreciated!





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