[Openswan Users] VPN Problems openswan-openswan

Roberto Covati covati at fis.unipr.it
Fri May 26 20:10:02 CEST 2006

Hi to all.
I have a strange problem (strange for me).
I've configured a vpn ipsec between  openswan-2.4.4-1.0.FC4.1 on a 
fedora core 4 and openswan-2.4.4-0.FC3.1 on a fedora core 3.
The vpn goes up ad from lan behind FC4 i can reach lan (anc dmz) behind 
fc3. But if I try to reach lan behind fedora core 4 from lan (or dmz) of 
the other side Doesn't work. If I snif packet I see ESP Packet from vpn 
end points (Fc3 send to FC4 packets) but i can't understand where these 
packet  goes...
I've tryied to see iptables counter and logs but I can't see the packet 
when they exits from tunnel...
 From Fc4 I  have another vpn with a cisco PIX and everything works fine 
(I can see the packet in forward chain).
Does anyone understand what could be happened?
Thanks in advance.

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