[Openswan Users] Creating Win XP vpn connection

peters at exemplar-associates.com peters at exemplar-associates.com
Tue May 16 11:28:34 CEST 2006

On Monday, 15 May 2006 20:55:55, Jacco de Leeuw wrote:

> Peter wrote:
> > There shouldn't be a firewall in the connection
> Probably a good idea anyway (just don't block some useful types
> of ICMP packets :-)

There is a firewall between our network and the outside world
but the configuration I have at the moment is entirely internal.

I'll try to draw a diagram but not sure it will work due to the
way my mail software is coding things. (I have reported the problem
to the supplier.)

ADSL -- Router --- WAP --- Existing server
              =7C       =7C
              =7C        --- Windows clients
               --- Linux ipsec box

Basically I have the Linux ipsec box connected to the router
and the windows client connected to it via a WAP.

I was wrong though, Firestarter is on the Linux box and it has
isakmp and MAS Ipsec NAT-T enabled (500 and 4500) for the client
ip that I am using.


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