[Openswan Users] Creating Win XP vpn connection

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Mon May 15 22:55:55 CEST 2006

Peter wrote:

> There shouldn't be a firewall in the connection

Probably a good idea anyway (just don't block some useful types
of ICMP packets :-)

> but I wonder if
> the packets are being blocked because they are on the 192.168.0
> network while the real network is 192.168.1  ?

I don't know your exact setup but is ip_forward disabled?

> There isn't much in the auth.log but this is from 2 of the other
> logs:
> where:
> Z=3D virtual ip of ipsec box
> A=3D ip of ipsec box
> B=3D ip of our existing server
> X=3D hidden MAC address

Your mail software is mangling things again. I can't make heads
or tails of it.

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