[Openswan Users] Pluto dumps core with natted client

Stefan Denker Stefan at dn-kr.de
Tue May 9 18:44:52 CEST 2006

Hello there, 

got some strange behaviour with pluto. Here's what i am trying to do: 

I wanted to connect a Box running Debian Etch[call it "remote"] to my
Debian Sarge[lets call that "local"]. 

The remote side is: 
* using Openswan 2.4.4
* using kernel with netkey 
* natted

My local side is: 
* using Openswan 2.2.0
* using kernel with grsec-Additions(http://www.grsecurity.net)
  and Netkey.
* not natted

So, here is the local connection definition:
conn conntest
Sorry, but i am currently unable to reach the remote side. Now this  
happens if the remote side tries to initiate a connection: 

from /var/log/auth.log: 

pluto[20056]: "conntest"[1] $remote_public_ip #1: transition from state (null) to state STATE_MAIN_R1
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[1] $remote_public_ip #1: NAT-Traversal: Result using draft-ietf-ipsec-nat-t-ike-02/03: peer is NATed
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[1] $remote_public_ip #1: WARNING: compute_dh_shared(): for OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP1536 took 220392 usec
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[1] $remote_public_ip #1: transition from state STATE_MAIN_R1 to state STATE_MAIN_R2
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[1] $remote_public_ip #1: Peer ID is ID_IPV4_ADDR: ''
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[2] $remote_public_ip #1: deleting connection "conntest" instance with peer $remote_public_ip {isakmp=#0/ipsec=#0}
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[2] $remote_public_ip #1: I did not send a certificate because I do not have one.
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[2] $remote_public_ip #1: transition from state STATE_MAIN_R2 to state STATE_MAIN_R3
pluto[20056]: | NAT-T: new mapping $remote_public_ip:500/4500)
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[2] $remote_public_ip:4500 #1: sent MR3, ISAKMP SA established
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[2] $remote_public_ip:4500 #2: responding to Quick Mode
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[2] $remote_public_ip:4500 #2: WARNING: compute_dh_shared(): for OAKLEY_GROUP_MODP1536 took 206820 usec
pluto[20056]: "conntest"[2] $remote_public_ip:4500 #2: ASSERTION FAILED at kernel.c:2037: st->st_esp.keymat_len == (key_len + ei->authkeylen)

from syslog:
kernel: grsec: From $local_ip: signal 11 sent to /usr/lib/ipsec/pluto[pluto:20056] uid/euid:0/0 gid/egid:0/0, parent /usr/lib/ipsec/_plutorun[_plutorun:26364] uid/euid:0/0 gid/egid:0/0
kernel: grsec: From $local_ip: denied resource overstep by requesting 4096 for RLIMIT_CORE against limit 0 for /usr/lib/ipsec/pluto[pluto:20056] uid/euid:0/0 gid/egid:0/0, parent /usr/lib/ipsec/_plutorun[_plutorun:26364] uid/euid:0/0 gid/egid:0/0
ipsec__plutorun: /usr/lib/ipsec/_plutorun: line 1: 20056 Segmentation fault      /usr/lib/ipsec/pluto --nofork --secretsfile /etc/ipsec.secrets --ipsecdir /etc/ipsec.d --uniqueids --nat_traversal --virtual_private %v4:,%v4:,%v4:,%v4:!
ipsec__plutorun: !pluto failure!:  exited with error status 139 (signal 11) 

So, after this lengthy description: Apparently pluto in Openswan 2.2.0
doesn't like natted clients using Openswan 2.4.4, I got two tunnels to
Openswan 2.4.4 without NAT working fine. What I'd like to know: 

* Are there any known incompabilities to the grsecurity-Kernel-patch?
  Would it make sense to try again without it?
* Are there known issues when connecting different versions of 
* Anything i could do to dignose this problem any further? Or should I
  just update Openswan and try again?

thanks in Advance... 


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