[Openswan Users] Starting ipsec locks machine

Rod Savard RodS at scm-ae.com
Fri Mar 24 08:23:06 CET 2006

> > > You are likely hitting our SMP bug. Are you running this on a P4
> > machine?
> >
> > Nope, it's not that.  I have reproduced the problem on two machines,
> > neither of which are SMP (or support HT).  One was a Pentium 3
> > and the other a Pentium 4 2.4GHz.
> >
> > Any other ideas of why it hard locks when starting ipsec?
> Which version is this? Please try the 2_4_X CVS ?

I'm running 2.4.5rc5 on kernel  I will try the CVS and report

BTW, I assume that Openswan cannot patch the 2.6.16 kernel due to
numerous rearrangements in its networking components.  Is this true?  Or
does KLIPS patch apply ok?


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