[Openswan Users] Multiple dynamic PPP connections ?

Pat Fricke sales at prfhome.com
Tue Jun 13 09:08:30 CEST 2006

One easy way around dynamic IP's is to set up DNS names on the dynamic
interfaces. I use dyndns.org, they provide a utility to monitor the IP
address and automatically update the DNS entry whenever the IP changes.

Pat R. Fricke
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Hi all!

i need to configure a few systems with 2 ADSL Connections each. On both
ppp interfaces i need to be able to establish tunnel, so i added the
line "interfaces="ipsec0=ppp0 ipsec1=ppp1" to ipsec.conf. Fortunatly
both ppp connections have a static IP adress, so i am able to use
static left values. 
Unfortunatly the ppp gateway on the provider side is not as static
as i thought, so setting the leftnexthop value is a problem.
Is there a proper way to set this (%defaultroute does only work
for one of the interfaces) like described in ipsec_starter ?
Or do i have to generate (with sed or similar ) a new ipsec.conf and
restart ipsec/pluto once the ppp interface changes ???


Arne Bernin <arne at alamut.de>


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