[Openswan Users] Exclude subnet from VPN tunnel

Patrice Nadouce PatriceNadouce at Eurofins.co.uk
Fri Jan 13 13:03:37 CET 2006

It's my first post to such a list so, thanks for being patient with me.
I use CentOS 4.2 with openswan 2.4.
I several location organised as a "star" with one central point and numerous
To route traffic between remote branches i want to create a tunnel from each
routing everything but the local trafic.
e.g Branch A: <- route except local at both
ends -> Hub
this in order to keep the maintenance cost low.
The VPN tunnels work fine, but it generate an awfull lot of trafic and
untimately prevent apps to work
(we can ping but no email, not TSE....)
Any idea on how to do this ?
Many thanks
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