[Openswan Users] Basic question: should I use Openswan?

Roman Dergam lists at intu.cz
Thu Jan 12 00:15:43 CET 2006


I apologise for the lack of knowledge related to Openswan - I started and 
installed today. I would like to use a secure connection between a laptop 
(which seems to be called "Road Warrior" here) and a server (with no network 
behind it; just a server to administer). The reason I started to look for a 
more complex solution is that the laptop has no static public IP. And on top 
of that it can connect from various places - with one or two machines before 
the public internet. 

My questions are (and thanks to anybody for any advice): 

Is Openswan the right solution to use for such a situation?

If not, what other solutions could you recommend? (I looked at racoon - 
equally puzzling)

Is it possible to configure Openswan in such a way that is connects my two 
machines regardless of whether there is a router+modem or whatever gateway 
configuration between it and the server (which has a public IP)  - or not?


Roman Dergam

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