[Openswan Users] doubts of openswan log

Rafael Motta rafael.motta at alog.com.br
Wed Dec 20 14:41:27 EST 2006



    I would like to understand what it means is message in log of openswan:

Dec 20 06:32:14 fw1 pluto[32362]: "usa" #34449: max number of
retransmissions (2) reached STATE_QUICK_I1.  No acceptable response to our
first Quick Mode message: perhaps peer likes no proposal

Dec 20 06:32:14 fw1 pluto[32362]: "usa" #34449: starting keying attempt 59
of an unlimited number

Dec 20 06:32:14 fw1 pluto[32362]: "usa" #34517: initiating Quick Mode
PSK+ENCRYPT+TUNNEL+UP to replace #34449 {using isakmp#30815}

they could help me? 


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