[Openswan Users] Problem when upgrading openswan

Ludovic MARCILLY lmarcilly at aressi.fr
Tue Dec 19 12:05:16 EST 2006

Hi all,

i'm trying to upgrade openswan from 1.0.7 to 2.4.7 on a linux kernel 2.4.27.
I can't have it work because of Unresolved symbols in ipsec modules.

With version 1.0.7, i execute a "make insert" in openswan source directory and if i am right, it patch kernel source in order to add some options in "make menuconfig" like IPSEC, AH, ESP, 3DES encryption... 

With version 2.4.7, i can't do the same thing. The "make insert" doesn't semms to work. I have tried a lot of differents commands but without any succes. So my question is, how can i have these options in kernel configuration with openswan 2.4.7 ?

I have also tried with klips but some options are not present and it causes me problems.

Sorry for my english, i hope you have understood my problem.
Thanks in advance for your answer.


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