[Openswan Users] Openswan <-> WinXp with L2TP and X.509 behind NATs not working

Florian Hackenberger f.hackenberger at chello.at
Mon Dec 11 10:54:30 EST 2006

On Sunday 19 November 2006 23:01, Jacco de Leeuw wrote:
> Florian Hackenberger wrote:
> > I switched to X.509 certificates because I couldn't get it working with
> > PSK.
> There must be something wrong in your ipsec.conf because
> this line is the crux:
I just wanted to say that I gave up on openswan and set up openVPN, which is 
not as elegant because it requires additional sw on windows, but was quite 
easy to set up. However, thanks for all the help!

Florian Hackenberger
student @
University of Technology
Graz, Austria
florian at hackenberger.at

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