[Openswan Users] Random DNS lookup issues.

Brett Curtis dashnu at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 13:17:11 EST 2006


Behind most NAT routers my VPN function fine.  Sometimes when I am in  
the office testing my VPN I connect to random wireless access points.

Situation 1: Connect to "Terrys Network" Establish a VPN connection.  
All is well. Ping a dns name that resolves both inside my network and  
outside my network. For example:

ping imap.mydomain.com I get a internal address as expected

Log off the VPN ping imap.mydomain.com I get an external address as  
expected. 24.XX.XX.XX This DNS is handled via dyndns where as the  
other is handled on my local DNS server.

Situation 2: Connect to "belkin54g" Establish a VPN connection. All  
is well. Ping the same DNS name.

ping imap.mydomain.com I get the external IP 24.XX.XX.XX __this is  
not expected__

Same pc just using different wireless access points. Does anyone have  
any ideas what the issue might be client side? I can not figure this  
out and is causing me some serious issues.

Thanks for _any_ ideas at all. 

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