[Openswan Users] l2tp/ipsec - ipsec ok, but no connection

Adam Zientek adam.zientek at hot.pl
Sat Aug 12 12:48:49 EDT 2006

Hi Brian!
> 1. have l2tp setup to listen on an internal interface on your remote 
> network, and be setup to use chap user/passwrd and hand out an IP 
> address.
I setup l2tpd to liseten on my server's public ip 81.168.163.SS, netstat 
confirm that.
> 2. Add an iptables rule in the prerouting section simular to this :
> Chain PREROUTING (policy ACCEPT 3555K packets, 244M bytes)
> pkts bytes target     prot opt in     out     source               
> destination u
>   27  3595 DNAT       udp  --  ipsec0 *            
>          udp spt:1701 dpt:1701 to:
> This way l2tp packets coming in on ipsec0 get prerouted over to the 
> internal interface, which is where the l2tpd should be listening.
Ok, but i use NETKEY ipsec stack so i don't have ipsec0. AFAIK in my 
case all ipsec traffic comes from eth0, where l2tpd listens on udp 1701.

Adam Zientek

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