[Openswan Users] unreachable - need to frag

Cameron Davidson cam73 at aanet.com.au
Sat Aug 5 19:01:35 EDT 2006

Brian Sheets wrote:
> Hi, weird problem
> If I ssh/scp from net A to net B larger transmissions hang the
> connection, when I ssh/scp from net B to net A there is no problem.

> The tcpdump yields unreachable - need to frag messages. 

> Net A is behind the openswan connection net B is behind a netscreen 5gt,
> I have an identical configuration from my home, which is behind a
> netscreen 5gt to the openswan and it works fine in both directions.

Are the ICMP need frag in response to the ESP and/or the tunnelled packets?
Normally the firewall should be allowing them as part of 
established/related rules.

Which versions of kernel, Openswan? Using netkey or Klips?


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