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this one can help you.

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>>> Paul Wouters <paul at> 25.04.06 20.51 >>>
On Tue, 25 Apr 2006, Marek Greko wrote:

> > Blame microsoft. Despite the above comment about profiles per user,
> > ipsec-usable certificates need administrative priviledges to be imported
> > into the registry. This is the same issue why you cannot double click it.
> Uuuuu.... and how can I get normal user running lsipsectool? Admiistrator
> already has imported the correct certificate... How can I make user to use
> it?

I think the user needs "Local Administrator" rights to both import and read
the certificate as a "Host Certificate" needed for IPsec. I have never tried
it as a user without Local Admin rights, since usually people have those
permissions on their own laptop.

Maybe Enrique can tell us more,

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