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Martin Goldstone nightofdarkness at hotmail.com
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In my experience, I haven't had a lot of luck using PSK's with NAT-T, if 
thats what you're doing. I've always used certificates in that circumstance, 
and as I remember from some very excellent tutorials on the net (Jacco's at 
http://www.jacco2.dds.nl/networking/freeswan-l2tp.html, Nate Carlson's at 
http://www.natecarlson.com/linux/ipsec-x509.php, and Duncan Reed's 
its seems PSK's don't work with NAT-T. Additionally, with NAT-T, I've only 
been able to get host-to-net (Roadwarrior) or host-to-host tunnels working 
(only recently I needed net-to-net through NAT-T, and in order to acheive it 
I had to implement a GRE tunnel accross the ipsec tunnel, with help from 
http://www.eatworms.org.uk/ipcop-gre-howto.php and the ip_gre module from a 
slackware distro (10.1 I think) because IPCop didn't have the module and I 
didn't have the time to setup a development environment to compile the 
module myself)

In terms of getting the same config working with NATed clients and non-NATed 
ones in the past, I have used the lines right=%any and 
rightsubnet=vhost:%no,%priv, which worked quite well.

In general, I also make sure the OE stuff is disabled as well, as I've heard 
it can cause issues with NAT-T. If you're still having problems, perhaps you 
could post the errors you're getting (found at the end of the output from 
the command ipsec barf).


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I had this working from a public address (same network as the right
side) on the client before I added the nat_traversal and virtual_private
lines. Once I added those two lines the public address on the client no
longer worked. Also the client from behind a private address (dsl at
home) did not work at that time either.

?1. With nat-t on will it work from both public and private addresses?

?2. What do you see wrong that the private at home did not work?

config setup


conn %default

conn test

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