[Openswan Users] Again: "no connection is known for..."

Eric S. Johansson esj at harvee.org
Thu Mar 31 08:38:08 CEST 2005

Filippin, Piero wrote:
> I was not my intention to blame the lack of support.

thanks.  I apologize if I was too cranky or hit the wrong target.

 > I wrote some
> software myself, and I know how tedious is to write (and specially to
> update) the documentation for the software (and give support to that
> sort of people that don't know what they are doing).
> Usually when I wrote some software, it is for personal fun and
> challenge, and the documentation is not fun at all.

tell me about it.  I'm working on updated docs for an framework for 
trying very different (differential sender-pays, brown listing, per 
address rate limiting) anti-spam methods and it just isn't getting done.

> I meant that it is a shame there is not enough interoperability between
> the IPCop and the Openswan mailing list... IPCop is basically a Linux
> distribution, so as I had a problem with Openswan, the obvious thing is
> to as the Openswan guys... but at the same time IPCop write the config
> files for me, in a way that is not suited to my situation, so it is an
> IPCop issue at the same time...

we are trying.  Like many projects, I think we are also suffering from 
donor fatigue.


The result of the duopoly that currently defines "competition" is that
prices and service suck. We're the world's leader in Internet
technology - except that we're not.

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