[Openswan Users] esp and ike algorithms

Nirav Jani nirav.jani at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 21:19:20 CEST 2005

Hi all,

  I am somewhat a new guy, still implemented encrypted tunnel using
psk,rsa and x.509 cert. based authentications between two pcs in my

 But having some problems in IKE( Internet Key Exchange) and ESP
(Encapsulated Security Payload), I would like to know that what are
all possible combinations of different algorithms in IKE and ESP, like
what I am using in a combination in ipsec.conf is


   It works in some of the combination of algorithms such as in above
exmple, but dosen't work in all the different possible combinations,
What is the reason ?

 Is there any document which shows the complete list of different
possible combinations with IKE and ESP?

  I tried a lot but didn't found in any threads, documents online or links.

  Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Don't mind If I am wrong in asking my question!! 

 Please guide me in right direction


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