[Openswan Users] Roadwarrior Configuration

Glenn MacGregor gtm at highstreetnetworks.com
Mon Mar 21 21:06:21 CET 2005

Hi All,

Sorry for all the posts...I am trying to get a road warrior setup. Floowing the
instructions I found, I set the linux server config and got the ipsec.exe on
windows. Setting the config on windows and running ipsec on windows works fine.
I can ping the inside interface of the openswan box (linux). This is great!
Getting there!

Now, I am having problems accessing the rest of the network. I can not ping
anything else on the network. I assume this has to do with routing somehow...but
I can't figure how. 

When I IPSec into the linux box as a roadwarrior from windows I assume that
openswan has to give that tunnel an ip in the local network, is this correct?
This doesn't seem to be happening.

Any help would be great.


Glenn MacGregor
HighStreet Networks

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