[Openswan Users] Re: help for multihome route

Jacco de Leeuw jacco2 at dds.nl
Sat Jun 25 23:33:55 CEST 2005

>> problem for interface line.  I have not know device for adsl, can be
>> ppp0 ppp1 ppp8, any ppp.  This because l2tpd assign anywhere ppp and
>> can take away ppp0 - ppp3 I using for ADSL modem.  All need to happen
>> is for one adsl go down, then sometime ipsec->l2tp happen, now ADSL is
>> ppp12.
>> Above make interface no working, I not know which interface= to using.
> I believe Jacco had an answer for the moving ppp+ devices when L2TP is
> used. I have CC:ed him on this message.

The 'unit' parameter in ppp-2.4.2+ can make sure that L2TP/IPsec will
use interface names with higher unit numbers so that the lower ones
are free for the ADSL link. See also:

This is assuming that Bob actually uses L2TP/IPsec. Because I have a bit
of a problem understanding his question. My alternative interpretation
is that he might be using L2TP for the ADSL connection itself (similar
principle as PPPoE and PPTP).

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