[Openswan Users] NET (roadwarrior) - To - NET connectin is possible?

Rodrigo nobregasz at yahoo.com.br
Fri Jun 10 09:18:53 CEST 2005

The problem is:

1 - I cant have Static IP on remote LAN.
2 - I will have like 20 Remote LAN
3 - I wll have like 10 computer/ Remote LAN
4 - I have all conputer in Remote LAN using WINDOWS only not the gateway 
(Debian Fedora kernel 2.6).

host-to-host  = a lot of tunnels;

and, i whant ipsec pure, not l2tp/ipsec from clients behind gateway on 
remote LAN.

Im trying with kernel 2.6 native, tunnel Up but cant route from client 
trhow tunnel. Any ideia about route rules? im trying only masquerade.

ill put my ipsec.conf netx time, now i cant, im at home :)

Tks All.

>>Lan ---------- Rw--------Internet----------GwVPN------------Lan
>>im using Kernel 2.6. so, i dont have virtual interface
>Here's my question: why do we do net-to-net connections?  Someone slap
>me and tell me what this offers over setting up a host-to-host between
>gateways and just setting up proper routes?  I know there's a reason,
>otherwise the brilliant minds that designed this wouldn't have allowed
>for them.

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